The Grey Curtain

The Grey Curtain is a five-piece theatrical hard-rock band hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts. With influences as diverse as Pearl Jam, Type O Negative, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and many others, The Grey Curtain has become known for its eclectic styles and powerful, emotional live performances.

The band's recently released debut album "Shadow of a Man" tells the story of the last days of Nathan Noth set to atmospheric blues, distorted synthesizers, soaring guitar solos, symphonic interludes, and driving alternative-progressive rhythms.

Featurung tracks such as "Piss Drunk Outside of Bars Leaving Voicemails", "We're All Due" and "The Opening," The Grey Curtain show dynamic range and soul in every word and note.

"These musicians work so well together that itís difficult to believe that this is their debut album, as their talents seem to mesh together so effortlessly and so well. I must say that for me, a rock opera, or any operatic endeavor in which a story is being told, is always a heavy undertaking and this one is no exception in that respect. One of epic proportions...I am not one who typically gravitates toward rock opera, but all of the tracks are amazing, and for what it is, it is flawless.."
- R.J. Ouellette,

"One can tell that the singer, Dennis Leighton, is very passionate and into the moment...There was a point that a few of us wondered if the keyboardist, James Miller, would beat the whole thing down into the stage. Lights, camera, COMMITMENT!"
- Tammy Carbonetto,

"...there truly isnít a single song on Shadow of a Man that fails to stand out (and there are not many albums I can say that about)."
- Adam Salomon, NRM Radio

"...I've tried several times to write just the briefest blurb about The Grey Curtainís "Piss Drunk..." and simply couldn't... words only fail me when I see a film, a play, or a photo that is so good it taps right into my emotions and completely bypasses my brain...and this song has done that as well, taking away my words but leaving behind what Iíve learned is, for me, the best, most truthful barometer of how good something is...goosebumps."
- Lara Dean,

Nominated "Best Hardcore / Metal Act", 2019 Worcester Music Awards.
Nominated "Best Rock Act", 2018 Worcester Music Awards.
Nominated "Best Hardcore / Metal Act", 2018 Worcester Music Awards.
Winners of the 2014 and 2015 Hardrock Cafe's "Hardrock Rising" semi-finals at Foxwoods Casino.

The Grey Curtain is:
Dennis Leighton: Vocals
Jim Miller: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Sean Daudelin: Drums
Robert Miller: Bass, Backing Vocals
Vinaya Saksena: Guitar

The Grey Curtain has performed with Filter, Sevendust, Powerman 5000, Shadows Fall, Fates Warning, Sonata Arctica, Trivium, Adema, Hed PE and Next to None.

Shadow of a Man

The Grey Curtain's debut album "Shadow of a Man" is available on CD at CD Baby. The digital downloads are available at the following online stores.

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